Product performance

Product performance, combined with up to 45 key data display such as sales, advertising reports, Amazon business reports, etc., provides rich operational data support for operational decision-making。

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Product sales statistics, profit accounting

Product sales statistics, providing multi-dimensional sales statistics based on SKU, warehouse product number, store, salesperson, developer, etc.; SKU profit accounting, based on natural monthly statistics, various Amazon costs (such as purchase costs, promotion fees, advertising costs , First trip fee, storage fee, off-site fee, etc.), SKU gross profit is clear at a glance。

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Order profit breakdown

Order profit details, statistics of the profit in each order have taken into account product costs, refunds, FBA storage fees, advertising fees, freight, etc。

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Return statistics, difference report

Return statistics, product problem statistics, provide quantitative data support for product improvement; delivery fee difference report, FBA receipt difference report, provide a verification channel with Amazon back-end data to find differences and make up for losses。

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Synchronize Amazon FBA background reports

Cargo age analysis, inventory value report, monthly/long-term storage fee, daily inventory history, etc. synchronize with more than 10 FBA reports in the Amazon backend to provide accurate inventory checking and analysis。

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